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Best Practices

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"We demand the best from ourselves, because our customers deserve the best."
Muir Copper Canyon Farms searches out and implements the best operating practices for its distribution business.

Security and Anti-Terrorism Plan

Muir Copper Canyon Farms has implemented a Security and Anti-terrorism Plan to ensure the safety of our product, our customers, and our employees, by providing them with a secure system of product storage and delivery.

Muir Copper Canyon Farms through its Security Plan for Food, Facility, and Fleet assures its customer base that we are doing our part to provide Security to the U.S. food supply.
In association with all other national PRO*ACT owner members, we have implemented a Security and Anti-terrorism Plan. This is essential in assuring our customers that our product has been handled only by authorized individuals and that our facility and fleet is secure against non-authorized individuals who may have the potential to adulterate our food products.
This plan is audited annually by Cook and Thurber, a third party auditing firm. The plan will be updated as new best practices are identified.

Food Safety and Sanitation Plan

Muir Copper Canyon Farms has an operating Food Safety and Sanitation Plan to ensure the Safety and Sanitation of our product. Our customers can be assured that as a result of our plan and operating practices that the product delivered to them has passed through several steps that assure that it is safe for consumption and that our facility, fleet, and staff are food friendly.


Our HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) plan is our first line of defense in our food safety plan. We look at the critical points affecting our food products through our sourcing, receiving, and distribution process, monitor and document each, and perform corrective actions when protocol and/or standards are breached. This includes a tested recall program. You can be assured that your product is unadulterated and has been maintained in the Cold Chain.

Cold Chain

The Cold Chain refers to the recommended temperature tolerances of our perishable products. Each has a recommended temperature for storage and transportation. Our receivers monitor inbound temperature using recording devices and pulp thermometers. A variety of products require different temperature zones for storage. Our warehouse refrigeration system includes computerized temperature controls that maintain each room within a tight tolerance. Our computer system notifies us when a specific zone approaches temperatures outside of preset tolerances. Corrective action is taken at once. Once loaded our products are shipped on refrigerated trucks specifically equipped to maintain temperature control (See Fleet).


Our distribution center opened in September of 2000 and is designed specifically for produce and perishable food distribution. From our seal tight loading doors, to our computerized refrigeration system, slotting system, total "on camera" digital security system, restricted access, computerized ordering system (national on-line ordering for national accounts), local internet ordering, pest free environment, and much, much more, you will be amazed at our facility. This is all in place to provide our customers with the best possible product.


Our fleet consists of late model specialized refrigerated delivery vehicles. Our trucks are unique! Compare our trucks to our competition. We are serious about quality and maintaining the Cold Chain. Each truck has grooved floor beds to prevent water leakage from one product to affect another that is stacked next to it. The rear doors are triple doors. This enables only the middle door to be opened for delivery. The back doors are strip curtained to maintain interior temperature. Each truck is equipped with a tracking system so that the distribution center can track via the internet the location of each truck. Analysis of this information allows us to improve productivity of each route, resulting in on-time delivery for our customers. Each driver is also equipped with a cell phone for communication purposes.

Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP's]

Muir Copper Canyon Farms has developed GMP's which assure efficient and safe handling of product. We have analyzed our operating processes and implemented good policies and procedures to govern the work flow and ensure quality. Sanitation procedures are part of our GMP's.

Business Professionalism

We participate in national industry associations learning the latest issues and participating in the ongoing dialogue. We believe through active participation we become better professionals. Check with our local competitors, do they?

  • Product Guarantee - We stand behind our products. It is easy when your GMP's solve a lot of issues before they become problems.

  • Employees - Our employees are our most valuable asset. We have led the local produce industry for many years with enhancements that have increased the professionalism of our staff. We are the clear leader. For example, many years ago we were the first to provide uniforms, first to computerize, first with a refrigerated fleet, and first with personnel sanitation requirements. We also provide for our employees training meetings, and safety meetings. We also have drug testing, and background checks.

  • Procurement Philosophy - We believe in partnering with the best growers, shippers, and wholesalers in the industry. Our buyers do not bottom-feed for the absolute lowest prices. The old axiom of "You get what you pay for" is more true in the fresh fruit and vegetable business than most any other area of commerce. What is on sale today is what will go bad tomorrow! We deal on a professional basis by paying our bills promptly, developing long-lasting relationships with our quality suppliers, demanding tight specifications, and using the volume buying power of our Pro*Act procurement program. We indeed get the best price available for the best quality product on the market.

Contract Pricing

We offer a variety of product contract pricing programs that will assist in smoothing out the ups and downs of the produce market and assure you of product during those tight times when mother nature chooses not to cooperate.


True value is not measured in the price paid for a product delivered to your back door but instead is measured by the cost per serving of the finished product. This is where the true value of Muir Copper Canyon Farms is to our customers and is the ultimate benefit of all of our best practices. The results are demonstrated in lower cost per serving performance.